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Hublot has offered two variants of the MECA-10: the non-limited titanium version and the limited-edition “all-black” version that comes with a full ceramic case.Hublot bolstered its popular Big Bang collection with an all-new model called the Big Bang MECA-10. And there’s a third variant that comes in “Magic Gold” called the Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch, offering a compelling aesthetic for a technically interesting watch.The new Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch shares the same 45mm-wide case as the other two MECA-10 watches.Hublot was able to create an alloy so strong that it can only be machined by diamond. Hublot’s Magic Gold alloy has a hardness rating of 1,000 Vickers, which is easily twice that of regular 18k gold and also substantially more than the hardest stainless steel. What this all means is that, with Magic Gold, Hublot is offering the prestige and status of gold with none of its usual drawbacks.Quality Replica Hublot Watches

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The Hublot HUB1201 is a brand-new, skeletonized, hand-wound movement created especially for this watch that looks as if inspired by the Meccano construction toys. A highlight of this movement is its twin mainspring barrels that offer a power reserve of 10 days.There are also two power reserve indicators, the first of which is shown at 6 o’clock using a disc with stencil-cut numerals. And as the power reserve reaches its last two days, a red marker appears through a cutout in the gear telling the wearer that it is time to wind the watch.Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold can actually be a very practical daily wearer. The new Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Magic Gold watch is limited to 200 pieces.The bezel and case are both polished, and the case back is made of micro-blasted black ceramic with a sapphire display. Water-resistance is a very adequate 100 meters.best replica Hublot Big Bang watches

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