Quality Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project Watch 311.

The Swiss watches brand Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project reference 311. was the limited edition Speedmaster watch model that Omega introduced at Baselworld 2008. I’m never shy about suggesting to people that getting an Omega Speedmaster is a good idea, but for me, I like to wear the ones that are a bit less common. It happens to have one of the most interesting “limited-edition stories” among the modern limited-edition Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project has become the watch collectors’ favorite, with prices incrementally increasing at auction.Omega produces Speedmaster Moonwatch models very much like those that went to the moon during the Apollo missions on the wrists of NASA astronauts in the 1960s.quality replica Omega watches

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The success of the Omega Speedmaster watch is not just because of history, but also because of its dedication to being a tool watch first, and a “nice watch” second. Omega made the 2008 Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project as a “re-issue” of essentially a few very obscure Omega watches from the past. The Omega watches started as a racing watch in the 1950s became the astronaut/space pilot watch after the success of the NASA missions.These are the original Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project watch from 1969/1970 and the later Speedmaster Alaska Project II watch that came a bit later.  Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is a must-have for most modern watch lovers, and I won’t seek to reiterate the love and passion that has been thus far communicated for years all over the internet and in watch publications.best replica Omega Speedmaster watches

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At the begining, Omega developed a pusher system in the aluminum doughnut housing which allowed for the chronograph to be operated with it on.According to Omega, the case “shield” offers temperature resistance up to 260 degrees Celsius and down to -148 degrees Celsius.For the original Alaska Project watches,  Perhaps the most amazing element of the 2008 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project limited edition watch was that is actually came with specially made aluminum outer-casings that you could wear with the watch.Aluminum apparently has a high thermal retention, so it doesn’t heat up or cool down very quickly. Omega also supplied a nifty white-colored and nicely branded white Velcro strap in addition to the standard steel Speedmaster bracelet with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Alaska Project. I’ve enjoyed this strap so much.

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